Master Thesis – Generated Text in Video Games (german)

This master thesis covers the topic of automatic text generation in video games. NLG, the generation of natural text, has not yet been used in video games very often, therefor this thesis firstly covers the basics of NLG. Furthermore, possible use cases of automatic text generation in video games are determined and analyzed, and different methods of NLG are examined. Based on the basics of NLG, as well as the possible use cases and different methods several practical examples are developed, which highlight the value of using NLG in video games. Lastly, an analysis of the results of the practical examples are presented, which illustrates benefits and drawbacks of the used methods, as well as unexpected or interessing results.

The thesis is based on several books and research papers regardin NLG and Game Design, as well as a diversified collection of video games. By analyzing existing NLG systems and current usages of text in video games, several hypthesis and assumptions emerged, which were then put to the test in the practical part of the thesis. Up until now there are not many video games that are using NLG. This thesis should make the reader aware of the possibilities which arise as a result of using NLG in video games. It should also serve as a guide to the topic, as well as provide the opportunity for interessted and experienced video game developers to implement NLG in video games themselves.

You can download the thesis here (german).

5 November, 2015